The Ipazia observatory aims at providing a complete and up-to-date picture of the researches, services and events (both scientific and not-scientific), which are programmed and administered for/by women.

The observatory consists of three boards. Each board is not isolated from the others: they all interact with each other, in order to reach the observatory’s aim.

Through the observatory, we want to acquire and divulgate -by seminars, workshops and conventions – all the information, knowledge and needs that best can highlight women’s condition at a local, national and international level.

The boards are: Scientific board, Political-Institutional  Board and Networking activity Board

The scientific Board will carry out the analysis on the gender literature, both national and international, in order to outline new research fields related to the scientific, social and political needs of women agency.

The Political-Institutional Board works on the relationship with institutional and political personalities, as we believe that an effective networking activity among those who are already working -or are interested – in this domain, will be an occasion of substantial growth. The Dean of Niccolò Cusano, supported by the R&D and International Relations offices, will be responsible for this networking activity. The project aims at establishing strong ties with the regional, national and international territories.

The Networking activity Board, which depends on the Unicusano R&D office but always interacts with the other boards, will keep in touch with all the people, women and men, that will have joined our network. These people will provide a contribution in terms of direct experience, to be integrated into our activities in order to start common projects.

Needless to say, the three boards work cooperatively with the common aim of the observatory development.