Fabio Fortuna

Fabio Fortuna is a full professor at the “Niccolò Cusano” University, Faculty of Economy, in Rome, Dean of the same faculty (since 2008) and, finally, Rector of the October 1, 2013.

He is also Professor of Accounting Auditing and Budget  at LUISS University, Rome.

He was component of Advisory Board of ” Italian Academy of Business Economics “(AIDEA, until 2013).

He is a member of the ” European Accounting Association “(EAA) and AISES – International Academy for Social and Economic Development.

He is President of the National Teachers of Accounting and Business Administration (ASDORT, since 2006). He was a member of the Board of the National Conference of deans and heads of departments of the Faculty of Economics and Statistical Sciences with the delegation for relations with the Ministry of Education and the CNDEC for the biennium 2013-2014.

His main areas of research are: corporate governance, financial reporting, information on the risks of banks and derivatives, female entrepreneurship.