Francesca Maria Cesaroni

Francesca Maria Cesaroni is associate professor in business administration at University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, Department of Economics, Society, Politics. She teaches accounting and entrepreneurship and small business at the School of Economics, University of Urbino. Her main research topics concern small and medium-sized firms, entrepreneurship, women-owned firms, family firms, generational transfer, financial communication, small business financial management information. She is member of Italian Association for the study of small and medium sized businesses (ASPI). She is member of the Editorial board of some scientific reviews and reviewer of other international academic journals. Since 2012 she is member of AFECA (Association de Formations Européennes à la Comptabilité et à l’Audit), a stable network with worldwide contribution. Since 2009 she is coordinator of the PhD in Economics & Management, Department of Economics, Society and Politics, University of Urbino.